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Our Typical Student

Discover where our graduates come from and where they land. Explore the many options available in the growing agribusiness industry.

Furthering Your Career

The MS-MBA’s practical education philosophy causes almost immediate positive change in students, and graduates continue to cite their degrees as the reason for salary increases and promotions. Employers notice how this difference adds value to their companies, and reward students with promotions.

Want proof? 94 percent of the center's graduates who work for John Deere have been promoted.

Students in our MS-MBA program are food and agricultural business firm managers or managers-to-be who want to earn a graduate degree as they continue working. They are on average, 29–35 years old and have a minimum of three years' work experience in positions of increasing professional responsibility. Three core groups are represented in the program:

Agribusiness Managers

These individuals have management responsibilities in firms that provide inputs to production agriculture. This includes companies providing agronomic, animal nutrition, capital, and service inputs to the production agriculture sector, among others.

Food Firm Managers

These individuals have management responsibilities with food manufacturing and distribution firms. This includes individuals working at processing organizations, branded food manufacturers, and food retailers and distributors, to name a few.

Commercial Farmers, Growers, Ranchers

These individuals work for growing farms, ranches, or other agricultural production organizations who recognize the need to develop their business management expertise to be viable in a rapidly changing agricultural market.

Companies Represented in the MS-MBA

MS-MBA students come from many different industries, countries and backgrounds. One of the strengths of this program is the breadth and depth of industry knowledge that is contributed by the students. When you take into consideration the average years of experience for the group (10-12) you can see why students gain not only from the professors, but also from each other.

MS-MBA graduates take great pride in this program, and most will be willing to share their experiences with you. If you have an interest in speaking with a graduate or current student, contact the program manager to arrange it.

The MS-MBA alumni represent more than 250 companies. Below is just the beginning of the list of companies that have sponsored MS-MBA students.


  Frankly, if not for the MS-MBA program, I don’t know if I could have handled the added responsibility with the same tact and skill. I was able to take the things I learned in class and apply them in my new positions. Suddenly, things made a lot more sense. As a result of being in the program, I understood my role better, as well as how I could be more effective in it.  

John Guglielmi

Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing - QC Corporation
MS-MBA Class of 2002-2004