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Nicole Widmar

Associate Professor, Department of Agricultural Economics


Nicole Widmar's research and Extension activities focus on farm business management and production economics. Nicole strives to conduct applied research that can inform decision making on commercial agricultural operations. She is interested in applied work that links farm management with the biological components of on-farm production. Her work incorporates both the economic outcomes of a decision and the uncertainties or efficiencies that arise from the biological process underlying the production process.

Nicole conducts inter-disciplinary research that provides support for onfarm decision making regarding technology adoption, analysis of producer costs and benefits associated with alternative production processes, support for management of purchased inputs, and insight into the implications of changing consumer demand and preferences for agricultural producers.

Nicole completed her Ph.D. in agricultural economics at Michigan State University. Her dissertation research focused on the responses of agricultural producers to changing consumer demand for production process attributes. Her dissertation was a series of papers that identified consumer preferences for production process attributes in livestock production, provided insight for producer responses to verification of production process attributes, and assessed producer welfare implications of altering the set of production practices available for use.