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MS Degree

Bypass some of the MBA curriculum and earn a master's degree in agricultural economics from Purdue in only 21 months.

This single-degree option allows you to earn just the Master of Science (MS) with a concentration in agricultural economics from Purdue University. The plan of study for the single degree option is exactly the same as the MS-MBA until the second-year summer module, so you can begin the program and then decide which option to follow.

The MS degree option spans 21 months. As with the dual-degree option, courses are organized into modules that last 12 weeks. You will wrap up classes after the spring module of your second year. 

If you choose to pursue the MS degree, you will still fully participate in all five residency sessions, including the international residency. You will also complete the capstone project, which takes the place of a traditional master's thesis.

  Being engaged at the intellectual level is very rewarding. Transferring the academic concepts into our specific work environment is the best way to understand the real value of what we learn. That is the beauty of the Purdue - Kelley MS-MBA Agribusiness program.  

Corina Ardelean

Laboratory Manager - United Soils, Inc.
MS-MBA Class of 2012-2014