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Program Residencies

Kelley School of Business at Indiana University

While this program is delivered primarily online, it does have five, one-week residency sessions built into the model. The first four residencies alternate between Purdue’s West Lafayette, Ind., campus (once each year) and the IU Kelley School of Business campus in Bloomington, Ind., (once each year). A fifth residency takes place in May of your second year on the campus of a Purdue international partner institution, currently the University of São Paulo in Brazil.

These residency sessions allow program faculty to cover course material that is more difficult to teach in an online environment, but the primary benefit of these residencies is the networking and camaraderie that takes place between students. Purdue residencies are mandatory and although there is an online option for the Kelley residencies, it is highly suggested that you attend those in person if it is at all possible.

Hotel reservations (single occupancy), breakfast, lunch and some dinners are included in the tuition cost. Both Purdue and IU use their respective student unions for accommodations. Transportation to these residency sessions is not provided.

You can find the schedule of residencies within your plan of study.

International Residency

The international residency provides an opportunity for you to focus heavily on business strategy in an international setting. It is a graded activity and associated with the strategy class. Strategy, by the nature of the topic, is a culmination of the topics you will have studied throughout the program and therefore, naturally lends itself to the course that would include the international experience. Transportation to the international residency is not provided but once you are "in-country" Purdue provides all transportation until you are transported to the airport for the flight out of the country.

Stop by our Facebook page to see photos from last year's international residency in Brazil.


  Developing professional networking relationships with your cohort is an integral aspect of any graduate program. The MS-MBA in Food and Agribusiness Management effectively fosters these connections through online group collaboration and face-to-face campus residencies. The surprisingly rich interactions that this program uniquely provides at a distance proves invaluable to achieving a comprehensive learning experience.  

Lisa Tirino

Associate Scientist II - Kraft Foods, Inc.
MS-MBA Class of 2010-2012