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Bigger Profits Through Targeted Sales

January 2007

From Feed and Grain Magazine - The title of this article is really stating the obvious — one way to increase your profits is through doing a better job with your sales. While this is true, it is important to realize that doing a better job with your sales involves...


Creating a Healthy Value Chain

May 2006

From Seed World Magazine - You might not expect the president of the North American operations of one of the world’s largest oilseed processors to suggest that a strong value chain is a key ingredient for any one sector’s profits, but that is exactly what Carl Hausmann, president and CEO...


Internet and e-Commerce Use by Agribusiness Firms: 2004

March 2006

From Journal of Agribusiness - In 2001, the bubble burst and U.S. e-commerce growth slowed. Slower e-commerce growth may signal changes in the use and perceptions of the Internet and e-commerce in agribusiness companies. Agribusiness firm managers were surveyed in 2004 to identify agribusiness use of the Internet and...


Taking a Fresh Look at Your Marketing Strategy

January 2006

From Feed and Grain Magazine - Most managers think of specific aspects of their marketing mix at crucial points in time, such as deciding when to roll out a new advertising campaign or when to announce price changes. But when was the last time that you looked at your overall...


Pulling the Levers to Improve Profitability

June 2005

From AgriMarketing Magazine - Wouldn’t operating an agribusiness be much easier if it were possible to simply pull a lever and improve profitability? Although not quite that effortless, the DuPont Financial Analysis Model is a rather straightforward method for assessing the factors that influence a firm’s financial performance. This model...


Creating Value for Your Customers

August 2004

From Feed and Grain Magazine - How well do you know your customers? Do you know and understand what your customers want from you with respect to products, services and information? A periodic reassessment of these questions is key to creating value for your customers and profits for your business.