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You want to perform as efficiently and effectively as possible at work—that requires staying informed and using the right tools to make decisions.

Our collection of resources includes articles, case studies, videos and other tools that will help you be a more successful agribusiness manager. Our expert agribusiness faculty have developed many of these resources, which originally appeared in popular industry magazines, journals, and other print and electronic publications. You can explore our work sorted by category, date, authors or keyword.

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Purdue center offers online course for ag sales professionals

March 2016

A new online course from Purdue University's Center for Food and Agricultural Business will help sales managers and advanced salespeople better understand opportunities within their sales territories and maximize leadership and coaching skills.


Ag's Burning Talent Questions

February 2016

As food and agricultural businesses prepare for the future, no investment is more important than human talent. Differences in the quality and effectiveness of human talent and their impact on business performance are well documented.


Performance Management in Agribusiness

February 2016

A review of the Performance Management in Agribusiness Survey and talent management topics from the 2015 National Conference for Agribusiness.

Human talent is one of the most important investments food and agribusiness firms make. As the industry continues to grow, the number of college graduates with expertise in food, agriculture, natural...


Purdue research report gives insights on talent management

February 2016

Food and agricultural business leaders can use the results from a recent Purdue University study to better understand and manage talent within their organizations.


Academy to focus on management in seed industry

January 2016

Leadership techniques for the long-term success of seed companies will be at the forefront when the Purdue Center for Food and Agricultural Business hosts the 2016 American Seed Trade Association Management Academy March 7-11 in West Lafayette.


Strategy Execution Vital for Business Success

December 2015

Developing a winning strategy in volatile agricultural markets can be challenging. The key is for
company leadership to focus on what they can control. That means identifying, developing and leveraging two to three strategic capabilities that give a company a differential advantage.


Alltech Lexington Brewing and Distilling Company

September 2015

Early September 2015 was an exciting time for Pearse Lyons, serial entrepreneur and founder of Alltech, the Lexington, Kentucky-based animal health company. Having recently completed an acquisition that lifted Alltech global revenues to $1.6 billion,a Lyons had just announced a sales target of $100 million for Alltech Lexington Brewing and Distilling Company, the craft brewing and distilling business he founded in 1999.