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You want to perform as efficiently and effectively as possible at work—that requires staying informed and using the right tools to make decisions.

Our collection of resources includes articles, case studies, videos and other tools that will help you be a more successful agribusiness manager. Our expert agribusiness faculty have developed many of these resources, which originally appeared in popular industry magazines, journals, and other print and electronic publications. You can explore our work sorted by category, date, authors or keyword.

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King’s Hawaiian: Managing the Supply of Aloha Spirit for Every Household, Every Day

September 2015

When avian influenza struck the farm of King's Hawaiian's egg supplier, CFO Steve Richards had to think through how the company would tackle the crisis. What people need to be involved? Who should be at the top of the call list? What were the implications for production? How would this impact the regional operations?


Online Food Shopping: Peapod Finds a Path

September 2015

Andrew Parkinson, founder and president of Peapod, the online grocery company, did not have to convince Mike Brennan, Peapod’s Chief Operating Officer, that Peapod was poised for growth.


Rocky Ford Cantaloupe: The Challenge of Sweet Success

September 2015

In late August of 2011, a group of proud, dedicated, and heretofore successful produce growers from a small valley in Colorado experienced their worst nightmare.


Strategy Paradox (Video)

April 2014

Allan Gray, director of the Center for Food and Agricultural Business at Purdue University, discusses Michael Raynor's The Strategy Paradox and how agribusiness managers can use scenario analysis to make better decisions.