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Relational Sales Preferences of Ruralpolitan Buyers

We looked into which type of sales approach ruralpolitans, a growing population segment, prefer when making purchase decisions.

As farm businesses become more commercial and urban residents encroach into traditionally rural locales, the market preferences of agricultural input buyers may be shifting. Rural residents who live in proximity to urban areas and those interested in rural lifestyles are a growing segment of our society. These residents may be farmers, rural estate owners, hobbyists or others who are interested in rural lifestyles. They are often referred to as ruralpolitans.

This study examines ruralpolitan preferences for sales approaches to determine if business-oriented ruralpolitans tend to prefer more relationship-oriented sales approaches with suppliers versus consumer-oriented counterparts who tend to prefer more transaction-oriented sales approaches. Survey respondents were questioned on their preferences for purchasing three types of products: services, capital items and consumable supplies. Understanding the preferences and decision-making influences of this group will enable agribusinesses to better serve them.