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Turning Trust to Loyalty


Webinar Overview

In the field we know that farmers' time is limited—every conversation counts. Do you know if your interactions are building on the established trust or taking away from it? Can we measure trust, or is it just a gut feeling?

From the building blocks of relationships—trust and loyalty—our resident and guest faculty experts will bring structure to what is sometimes hard to quantify.

Participants in this webinar will move from the building blocks of relationships to understanding aspects of trusted relationships and eventually how that can lead to loyalty among your customers and prospects.

Key Benefits

  • Learn components of trust in customer relationships
  • Gain awareness of how to assess your trust levels with producers
  • Live question and answer time with leading trust experts and faculty members

Is this webinar for you?

If you're responsible for serving and selling to farmers and agricultural producers, this webinar is for you.

  • Managing relationships with key clients
  • Serving local and regional markets
  • Integrating technical and sales efforts with customers


Webinar Fee

$195 (recording)

Is this workshop for you?

For questions about fees and more information about the webinar, contact:
Emily Hoeing, Key Account Program Manager