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The Value of Evidence-Based Sales Decisions


Program Overview


The Value of Evidence-Based Sales Decisions is offered in an interactive online format that gives you the ability to access and practice using new hands-on sales tools. This course is designed to take less than three hours to complete and can be accomplished at your convenience and pace.


The business world is changing and data must be used to drive sales and marketing. When used effectively, data creates knowledge and generates insights, which ultimately leads to making strategic decisions that drive success.

Our digital education course enables you to analyze the data you currently have access to in new ways. You will be prompted to look at the most common potential sources of data available within agriculture that are valuable to individuals in sales and marketing roles. As a result, the course helps you filter data to support analysis and insight, driving action to improve sales and profitability.

Key Benefits

During this course, you will:

  • Identify the potential impacts using data to drive decisions can generate for the learner, in terms of specific outcomes.
  • Understand how focusing on profitability is of greater value than total sales volume or sales volume potential by customer.
  • Understand all the sales equation drivers that impact profitability by customer and potential lifetime value.
  • Properly complete a Customer Profitability Analysis Tool for one customer account.
  • Properly use the Customer Profitability Analysis Tool to generate a ‘heat map’ for five current/potential customer accounts.

Items required for course completion:

  • Access to customer account information within a territory (min. of five customers), or
  • Knowledge of customer size and current purchasing activity (min. of five customers).

Is this course for you?

This course is a tool that sales managers and advanced salespeople can use to help shape their perceptions about opportunities within territories and regions. It also will help participants maximize management effectiveness and develop leadership and coaching skills.

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Is this program for you?

For questions about fees and more information about the program, contact:
Betty Jones-Bliss