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We’re On a mission

Our vision, mission and core values drive everything we do at the center. When you need agribusiness management education or research, we want you to choose us because it’s what we’re passionate about.


The Center for Food and Agricultural Business at Purdue University will be the partner of choice for professional development experiences, advanced degree programs and applied research for the agribusiness industry. We will achieve this when the industry and academic community view the center as the most relevant, innovative and impactful public provider of agribusiness management education and applied research opportunities.

Mission Statement

The Center for Food and Agricultural Business supports Purdue University’s mission by helping people in the food and agribusiness industries improve their management competencies to take on the challenges and opportunities of a dynamic and complex agri-food system. We provide innovative and relevant professional development experiences, advanced degree programs and applied research to the industry. We ensure utmost relevance through deep linkages with industry, a world-class faculty, and a professional staff with unmatched research, design, development and delivery capabilities.

Our Core Values

  • Learning – Creating powerful, relevant learning experiences for our clients, staff and students helps managers, organizations and the food and agriculture system more efficiently and sustainably deliver on the world’s basic needs for food, fiber and energy.
  • Discovery – Collecting, analyzing and interpreting information and data to create new knowledge and insights on important industry issues advances research in the academy. It also allows us to help agribusiness companies and individuals navigate a constantly changing business environment.
  • Innovation – Developing industry-relevant, innovative learning experiences and research, drawing on all of our creative abilities, is tremendously exciting and rewarding.
  • Excellence – We find deep satisfaction in excellent service to our clients, recognizing the trust they place in us whenever they invest in a Center activity. Whenever we commit to an activity, it is delivered at a level that sets a standard for excellence.
  • Teamwork – We respect each team member’s individual talents and their contribution to the Center’s, Department’s, College’s and University’s success. We work hard, have fun and trust each other.