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Audio Blog: Disruption


Whether you’re in input supply, food processing or something in between, the changes in what’s demanded by your market are fast-paced. Rapid-fire changes in technology, consumer demands, and new target demographics require long-term and strategic thinking.

New competitors enter the marketplace every day. Rather than focusing solely on your competitors, it’s important to look at how your company can realign with customer needs. It’s also critical to think about potential market disruptions that could be coming down the pike and, when disruptions do occur, ways to take advantage. Making the most of industry disruption is about focusing on the right things and solving the right problems.

Allan Gray, professor of agricultural economics and executive director of the Center for Food and Agricultural Business, recently sat down with Mike Boehlje, professor emeritus of agricultural economics, to talk in-depth about disruption in the marketplace. Download their audio blog.


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OCTOBER 26, 2017

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JULY 14, 2016

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