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Employees as Assets

Allan Gray, the center’s director, recently sat down with us to discuss how agribusinesses should think about investing in their employees during an industry downturn. Below, Allan Gray shares:

  • Why you shouldn’t be so fast to cut professional development from the budget
  • How to view learning as something other than a cost on the balance sheet
  • How to position your people to be more capable of handling a different market environment
  • How the changing market environment will affect farmer buying decisions

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Purdue Food and Agribusiness Executive Summit

October 1-3, 2019

The Purdue Food and Agribusiness Executive Summit encourages strategic thinking by bringing key leaders together for networking and exchanging ideas regarding domestic and global issues impacting our industry. A steering committee consisting of industry professionals and a key group of faculty ensure that the program’s content is both timely and relevant.

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