Capstone Project


How to Apply

Capstone Project

This program requires completion of a capstone project, instead of a master’s thesis. The capstone project topic should be useful to you and your firm. It will help you better understand structured problem solving and expand your ability to use literature research, frameworks, and data in problem solving. You should include your supervisor in the topic selection process. 

The capstone project is a six-credit project that unfolds in three phases. During phase one, you will select a topic and create a problem statement and development plan with proposed methods and sources of data. During phase two, you will collect and analyze the data if needed.

During phase three, you will be assigned a faculty advisor who has experience with the topic you are working with. You will hold regular meetings with your advisor as you complete your project. The faculty mentor will assign the final project grade. 

Capstone projects can be kept confidential and do not become the property of Purdue University.