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Digital Education

Agribusiness managers today need flexible but reputable professional development options—so we've taken our classroom experiences to the web. 

Video Education Series

Join faculty experts Allan Gray, Mike Boehlje and Scott Downey as they address critical issues in agriculture: where the industry is headed, what large growers want and need and how to best communicate value to your customer. These sessions, recorded at the National Conference for Agribusiness, showcase our faculty’s insight on today’s most crucial ag issues. Use their knowledge to jump ahead in your career.

Each video is approximately one hour long. The videos can be paused, and they have no expiration date, so you can download the files or stream them whenever you would like.

Scott Downey: Communicating Benefits to Your Customer

Scott Downey VideoCommunicating effectively as a salesperson isn’t about just knowing the benefits of your product. It’s about understanding what a customer wants. Supported by research from the Large Commercial Producer Survey, Professor Scott Downey shares his knowledge about communicating to farmers. He discusses the characteristics of salespeople, the role of information and farmer perceptions of loyalty and value. By watching this video, you’ll learn:
• The most important attributes of a salesperson according to large growers
• What a customer needs from a sales call
• Where different types of farmers seek out their information
• How to target messages to specific groups with similar interests
• A method that helps you determine areas for improvement, address objections or connect to goals
• A way to compare a customer's perceptions of your solution versus that of your competitors

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Allan Gray: Get Inside Your Customer’s Head (Farmer Panel)

Allan Gray VideoAllan Gray, professor and director of Purdue’s Center for Food and Agricultural Business, talks with two farmers to explore the needs, desires and motivations of today’s large commercial producers. How do these producers measure success? What challenges do they face in their business, and how do they spend their time? How do they wish they spent their time? Watch this video for insight into the lives and businesses of today’s large growers.



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Mike Boehlje: What’s Coming Next? A Broad Look at Today’s Industry

Mike Boehlje VideoYour farm customers are facing a future that is less prosperous than it has been, and that’s something you need to understand in order to best serve them. Professor Mike Boehlje shares the perspectives and concerns of farmers who face an uncertain future. He discusses what the next few years look like for agriculture and encourages agribusinesses to develop a better understanding of their customers and competitors. By watching this video, you’ll learn:
• Why you shouldn’t waste your time trying to predict the future, and what you can do instead
• The first and most important marketing decision a farmer makes
• How producers will view adoption of new technology in a slow-growth environment, and what you can do about it
• A crucial piece of information you need to know about every customer, and how you can use it to get more business from existing customers

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Video 3-Pack

Video 3-PackTriple the learning! Buy all three videos, featuring Allan Gray, Mike Boehlje and Scott Downey, for a discounted price.

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