Bhagyashree Katare

Bhagyashree Katare


Phone: 765-494-7709


Dr. Bhagyashree Katare joined the department of Agricultural Economics in August of 2015. She earned her Master of Financial Mathematics degree, Master of Science degree in Applied Economics and a Doctorate in Applied Economics from the University of Minnesota. During her doctoral program, Dr. Katare has taught courses in Economics and Statistics as an adjunct faculty. She has also worked as a consultant for World Bank and Young Lives Project.

Dr. Katare’s research interests are in the economics of food, health, nutrition and particularly on the empirical analysis of consumption behavior related to health outcomes. Her current research centers on the economic determinants of weight gain and the spread of obesity. In the next few years, Dr. Katare will develop a research program focused on understanding how environmental factors and peers influence the health choices and decisions of individuals. Her teaching responsibilities include an undergraduate course in agricultural marketing.