Joan Fulton

Joan Fulton


Phone: (765) 494-0594


Joan Fulton joined the Purdue Agricultural Economics faculty in July 1997 working in the areas of teaching, Extension and research in marketing and agribusiness. Joan teaches undergraduate classes in futures and options, cooperatives, vertical coordination and food marketing management. In addition, she teaches marketing and price analysis at the graduate level. Her research examines the impact of alternative organizational structures and has involved extensive work with agricultural cooperatives. Fulton is currently serving in the Office of the Provost as a member of Purdue’s Diversity Leadership Team, promoting campus-wide projects that enhance diversity and inclusion at Purdue.

Joan’s research program examines the broad question of how the organizational structure of markets and businesses affects efficiency, equity, return and risk. Specific examples of this research include: factors affecting the success/failure of joint venture and strategic alliance agreements, how alternative organizational and ownership structures allow producers to take advantage of value-added business opportunities, the return and risk trade-offs associated with alternative business structures, such as the new generation cooperatives, and questions of structural change through mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and strategic alliances.

Joan completed her doctorate work at the University of Minnesota where she explored the impact of centralized versus decentralized decision-making authority in grain marketing cooperatives. She was an assistant professor at Colorado State University from 1993–97 where she worked in marketing and agribusiness.