Michael Gunderson

Michael Gunderson


Phone: (973) 355-4913

Email: michael.gunderson@metlife.com

Michael Gunderson is passionate about agriculture and improving the management competencies of agricultural producers and agribusiness professionals. Mike joined MetLife Investment Management in 2019 to provide leadership to the agricultural research team. MetLife Agricultural Finance is the largest, non-government sponsored lender to production agriculture with a national footprint spanning crops, livestock, timber, and agribusiness. Mike leads a team of agricultural economists that provides sector insights for investors and borrowers.

Prior to joining MetLife, he taught over 2,000 undergraduate and graduate students and more than 2,000 agribusiness professionals in executive education seminars. He has been recognized by the Agricultural and Applied Economics Association, the North American Teachers and Colleges of Agriculture, the University of Florida College of Agricultural Life Sciences, Purdue University, and the Southern Agricultural Economics Association for his outstanding teaching.

Mike earned his doctorate from Purdue in 2006 and holds a master’s degree in agricultural economics from Cornell University and a bachelor’s degree in agribusiness, farm and financial management from the University of Illinois. He is married to Alee Lynch Gunderson. They enjoy going on hikes with their children, Jarvis, Alma, and Elodee and their two dogs, as well as following college sports and traveling internationally.