2019 PFAES Summit Special Topics and Case Studies


Blockchain Technology in the Food Supply Chain – Peter Votkjaer Jorgensen, Venture Partner, Maersk Growth; Phil Harris, President and Co-Founder, Ripe.io

Disruption in the Protein Marketplace: The Investment, the Demand and Consumer Perception – Jayson Lusk, Department Head of Purdue Agricultural Economics; Matt Strongin, CFO and Co-Founder Nature’s Fynd; Jay Theiler, Executive Director of Marketing, Agri Beef Co.

Strategic Options for the Industry: A Facilitated Discussion – Allan Gray, Executive Director, Center for Food and Agricultural Business


AgriGold – Weighing how best to execute on a major shift in strategic decision to prioritize a direct relationship with the largest progressive multigenerational corn and soybeans producers.

Cainthus – Disrupting the face of the animal industry.

Compeer Financial – Disrupting the agricultural lending market as a merged organization. 

Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) – Controlled Environment Agriculture: Disruption in the Leafy Greens Industry?

Mantiqueira – Competing and disrupting in the shifting South American egg market.

Solinftec – Creating a foothold in the North American digital farming market.