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Agribusiness Management Simulation

January 2013

The Purdue Agribusiness Management Simulation is now available in a Windows interface with revised pricing, a student data entry interface and updated support materials. The simulation is suggested for use in principles of agribusiness management classes. In this simulation, students run a feed and fertilizer store and make decisions about inventory, pricing, human resources and financing.

The main learning objectives are:

  • Conduct break-even analysis and recognize that certain products within a product mix may be losing money, but the loss is masked by other products gains.
  • Develop pro forma financial statements and conduct financial statement analysis.
  • Be able to explain the difference between cash balance (cash flow) and profitability.
  • Forecast sales and recognize the importance of seasonality in agribusiness firms.
  • Recognize the impact of competitor decisions on results from your firm.
  • Assess and analyze your performance as a manager or a team member.

Data entry is now easier, as students can send their output data to the instructor via e-mail for uploading. The following files are provided along with the simulation software:

  • Simulation Installer File (install on the instructor's computer)
  • NEW Data Entry Installer File  (OPTIONAL - can be installed on student's computer) and Reference Document
  • Simulation Manual (including attachments:  Decision Form, Operating Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement, Market Share Report, Record of Decisions, Record of Estimated and Realized Financial Results, Cash Flow Worksheet, Volume-Cost Analysis)
  • NEW Instructor Guide
  • NEW Profitability Linkage Spreadsheet Files (optional)
  • Sample Game Results Presentation (add your own data)

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