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Bringing 'em Safely Onboard: Launching New Employees Successfully

October 2008

From Feed and Grain Magazine - It’s late on a Friday afternoon, tomorrow you have a day off scheduled (finally!). You kick back in your chair after receiving the phone call you had been hoping for — the new sales manager you have been recruiting just accepted your offer. Life is good and you can enjoy your weekend! She starts in a couple of weeks and you know she will hit the ground running – just get her here, show her the office, and get out of her way! She’s a go-getter with a great track record, and you know she is the perfect fit. Yep, your work is done on this one. . . .Wrong, wrong, wrong!


John Foltz
Jay Akridge



Ag's Burning Talent Questions

As food and agricultural businesses prepare for the future, no investment is more important than human talent. Differences in the quality and effectiveness of human talent and their impact on business performance are well documented.

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