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Build-A-Salesperson Coming Soon to a Mall Near You

July 2009

From AgriMarketing Magazine - My niece loves the Build-ABearWorkshop in our mall. Instead of picking any old stuffed animal off the shelf at Toys “R” Us, she can handpick the look and feel of her furry friend, decide whether it’s a boy or girl and even determine its occupation by dressing it up in a doctor’s outfit. And, best yet, it doesn’t have to be a bear. She can build a longhorn steer or a lovable lobster, if her heart so desires.


Megan Sheridan
Maud Roucan-Kane


AgriMarketing Magazine

Selling to Commercial Producers Successfully

From AgriMarketing Magazine - Arthur Jones, founder of Nautilus Sports/Medical Industries, has a great quote. "Success comes from good judgment. Good judgment comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgment."

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