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Invest in Your Company's Human Capital

February 2004

From Feed and Grain Magazine - We live in a highly educated society in which most people consider knowledge empowering. In the feed and grain industry, managers value well-trained employees and many use opportunities for education as an incentive for their people. However, with the pace of change in today's world it is hard to keep current. Some experts say that while knowledge acquired in the 1960s remained valid for about 15 years, today this time span has been reduced to about 3 years. Think about that  much of what today's college students learn may well be superseded with new knowledge before they even graduate.


John Foltz
Jay Akridge



Purdue Hosts Conference for Agribusiness Managers

From Purdue News - Uncertain times can sort the expert from the inexperienced, but proactive food and agribusiness industry managers can gain key skills for dealing with change during the national conference for agribusiness at Purdue University.

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