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Marketing's Rold in Managing Assets

July 2005

From AgriMarketing Magazine - In the June issue of AgriMarketing the DuPont Financial Analysis Model — a straightforward method for assessing the factors that influence a firm’s financial performance — was introduced. This model identifies three “levers” of profitability for a firm as measured by return on equity; these levers are earns, turns and leverage. Clearly, earns and turns drive the income stream in the DuPont Model. In Part I of this series we illustrated why the marketing manager provides a “triple whammy” by improving the revenues in the income stream of the business.


Mike Gunderson
Josh Detre
Mike Boehlje


AgriMarketing Magazine

What to Expect from Government Payments for the 2003 Crop

October and November is a bustling time for producers in Indiana as harvest continues across the state. But, this time of year also marks a busy period for the local FSA office as government payments begin to come into focus for many producers. With the low corn prices there should...

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