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Selling Large Farmers: It's Darned Hard Work

November 2008

From AgriMarketing Magazine - There is little question that large farmers are different. Different from what they used to be. Different from other market segments. And different from each other. Anational study of more than 2,500 large commercial producers just released by the Center for Food and Agricultural Business at Purdue University certainly underscores that. Every farm supplier knows large farmers are not only economically important, but they are also sophisticated, complex, more business oriented and demanding.

Topics:   Research, Sales


Dave Downey


AgriMarketing Magazine

Winning the Coaching War

From AgriMarketing Magazine - Quick question … do managers have more or less time to coach their sales teams today than three years ago? The answer, of course, is that they have the same amount of time now as they did then. Wordplay aside, many managers feel they are spending...

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