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Strategic Risk Assesment Through Scorecarding

July 2004

From Seed World Magazine - Our previous article developed a broad taxonomy of the risks faced by an agribusiness and noted why they should understand both tactical and strategic risks.  In a competitive environment, it is important for a firm to be willing to take certain risks if it wishes to create long-term value. Risk has both an upside and a downside; focusing only on risk avoidance could cause a firm to overlook opportunities to create value. To truly understand how to manage risk, firms should start by conducting a critical assessment of each risk they face. This article describes an approach to do so.

Topic:   Risk Management


Brian Briggeman
Josh Detre
Michael Boehlje
Allan Gray


Seed World

Ag Outlook: Good News, Bad News

From CropLife - A Purdue University expert says if you’ve already purchased a portion of your inventory, such as fertilizer, you’ll face some losses this year. But there’s positive news, too.

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