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How Sales and Marketing Relate

July 2011

From AgriMarketing Magazine - Many agribusinesses are struggling with this relationship right now. Consolidation has meant that many organizations who were built on sales are now recognizing that being market driven provides more opportunities than being sales driven.


The Power of Price

June 2009

From AgriMarketing Magazine - There is a lot of talk these days about whether or not there has been a permanent shift in farmer buying behavior…and for good reason. Never have there been such dramatic swings in commodity prices in such a short period.


Selling Large Farmers: It's Darned Hard Work

November 2008

From AgriMarketing Magazine - There is little question that large farmers are different. Different from what they used to be. Different from other market segments. And different from each other. Anational study of more than 2,500 large commercial producers just released by the Center for Food and Agricultural Business at...


Large Farmers: A Different Segment

October 2008

From AgriMarketing Magazine - Ernest Hemingway once told F. Scott Fitzgerald, “The rich are different—they have more money!” Perhaps agri-marketers today would say that the same is true of large farmers. The large are different; they have more acres, more head of cattle, or more hogs on feed, etc. In...


Agri-Markets to Profit from Commercial Producer Survey

September 2008

From AgriMarketing Magazine - Agri-marketers can better understand the changes occurring with large commercial producers’ businesses and what they want from their agricultural input suppliers by exploring results from the 2008 Large Commercial Producer Survey.


Always Innovating

November 2007

From AgriMarketing Magazine - When doing the weekly shopping, it’s impossible to miss the new products lining the shelves. Customers are often like kids — they get bored with current toys and are always looking for newer, better, super toys. As an agri-manager, you are facing the same dilemma: how...