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The Lease vs. Buy Decision

August 2007

From Feed and Grain Magazine - It’s time to replace an old truck or a large piece of grain handling equipment. Or, the office needs a new copier or computer equipment. How will you handle this decision? Will you take out a loan and buy the asset or will you...


Communicating in the Feed and Grain Business

February 2007

From Feed and Grain Magazine - Communication. Talking, listening, reading, writing . . . it all seems so simple. Yet we know how easily “wires can get crossed,” when we don’t listen to what somebody is saying (how many times has that caused arguments between you and your significant other),...


Creating Value for Your Customers

August 2004

From Feed and Grain Magazine - How well do you know your customers? Do you know and understand what your customers want from you with respect to products, services and information? A periodic reassessment of these questions is key to creating value for your customers and profits for your business.



Tailoring Your Value Bundle

April 2004

From AgriMarketing Magazine - What benefits are most important to your agricultural input buyers? When they evaluate your value bundle offering, what do they look for, and what will they pay for? Do value bundle preferences differ among buyer segments? In our column last month, we identified five agricultural input...


Local Dealers of Agricultural Inputs: Who's Your Buyer

March 2004

From AgriMarketing Magazine - Who is the agricultural input buyer? Is the buyer profile changing? These are important questions to agricultural input salespeople. Traditionally, agricultural input salespeople and marketers categorize producers as business buyers, economic buyers and relationship buyers. Business buyers are those who give relatively equal weight to factors...


Departmentalization: A Useful Management Tool for Your Firm?

August 2002

From Feed and Grain Magazine - Do you know what areas of your business earn the most profit? Do some of your departments subsidize others? Are there some products and/or services that you offer strictly as a service to customers, and thus you do not count on them to be...