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Differentiating On Service Innovation at BASF

September 2015

BASF’s company tagline, “We create chemistry,” represents 150 years of collaboration and innovation. As Neil Bentley, director of marketing for the Crop Protection division of BASF in the United States, sat behind his desk at the company headquarters in Durham, North Carolina, he pondered how critical innovation was in developing business relationships—just as it was in developing new chemistry compounds.


Always Innovating

November 2007

From AgriMarketing Magazine - When doing the weekly shopping, it’s impossible to miss the new products lining the shelves. Customers are often like kids — they get bored with current toys and are always looking for newer, better, super toys. As an agri-manager, you are facing the same dilemma: how...


Innovation, Creativity and Brainstorming

April 2007

From Feed and Grains Magazine - Have you ever been in a situation where somebody came up with what seemed to be a really weird idea, and then someone in the group said, “yeah, that’s kind of interesting, but if we added this change it would be awesome and useful.”...