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What do Farmers Want From Their Lender? Pt 2

October 2009

From Ag Lender Magazine - As to the decision most farmers use in choosing a lender/financial services provide, 58 percent of the producers make the choice individually with little input from others, and another 26 percent make the choice after extensive discussion with others in the business (see Figure 4)....


What do Farmers Want From Their Lender?

September 2009

From Ag Lender - The 2008 survey of commercial producers by Purdue University's Center for Food and Agricultural Business provides useful information for lenders and financial service providers to better understand their farmer-buyer customer base and buying behavior. The purpose of this discussion/article is to help lenders understand how to...


Lenders to Benefit from Commercial Producer Survey

August 2008

From Ag Lender Magazine - Successful lenders understand how to position themselves in an increasingly competitive marketplace to obtain a sustainable competitive advantage. They thoroughly understand their customers’ business and work to stay ahead of commercial producers who are striving to remain profitable in a global agricultural industry.


Will the Good Times Last? (2)

June 2008

From AgriMarketing Magazine - There’s an ongoing debate within production agriculture. Most people agree that the industry is experiencing some of the best times in recent years; however, they question and disagree on whether the current trend is sustainable. Coming to a consensus on when change will occur is difficult,...


Will the Good Times Last?

April 2008

From AgriMarketing Magazine - Without a doubt, the production agriculture industry is experiencing some of the better times it has seen in recent years. The question on many people’s minds is whether or not this trend is sustainable over the mid- to longterm. Answering this question is difficult, but one...


Always Innovating

November 2007

From AgriMarketing Magazine - When doing the weekly shopping, it’s impossible to miss the new products lining the shelves. Customers are often like kids — they get bored with current toys and are always looking for newer, better, super toys. As an agri-manager, you are facing the same dilemma: how...