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Knowing Your Customer

April 2018

In the world of agribusiness, knowing your customer base is more important than ever – especially when your customer base includes the complex operations run by today’s large-scale commercial agricultural producers.


Discipline About Assumptions

May 2017

When it comes to making strategic decisions, most failures are rooted in a set of dangerous assumptions, say Rita Gunther McGrath and Ian C. MacMillan in their Harvard Business Review article, “Discovery Driven Planning.”


Making disciplined decisions

April 2016

Today’s fast-paced, competitive food and agribusiness
climate demands quick decision-making. Some of those decisions are big and potentially game-changing, meaning they need to be made with discipline.


Ag's Burning Talent Questions

February 2016

As food and agricultural businesses prepare for the future, no investment is more important than human talent. Differences in the quality and effectiveness of human talent and their impact on business performance are well documented.


Purdue research report gives insights on talent management

February 2016

Food and agricultural business leaders can use the results from a recent Purdue University study to better understand and manage talent within their organizations.


Academy to focus on management in seed industry

January 2016

Leadership techniques for the long-term success of seed companies will be at the forefront when the Purdue Center for Food and Agricultural Business hosts the 2016 American Seed Trade Association Management Academy March 7-11 in West Lafayette.


Strategy Execution Vital for Business Success

December 2015

Developing a winning strategy in volatile agricultural markets can be challenging. The key is for
company leadership to focus on what they can control. That means identifying, developing and leveraging two to three strategic capabilities that give a company a differential advantage.


Differentiating On Service Innovation at BASF

September 2015

BASF’s company tagline, “We create chemistry,” represents 150 years of collaboration and innovation. As Neil Bentley, director of marketing for the Crop Protection division of BASF in the United States, sat behind his desk at the company headquarters in Durham, North Carolina, he pondered how critical innovation was in developing business relationships—just as it was in developing new chemistry compounds.