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The Lease vs. Buy Decision

August 2007

From Feed and Grain Magazine - It’s time to replace an old truck or a large piece of grain handling equipment. Or, the office needs a new copier or computer equipment. How will you handle this decision? Will you take out a loan and buy the asset or will you instead just lease it? The financing of assets is an important business decision. However, although the lease or buy dilemma has been around for a while, oftentimes this decision is still not well understood or carefully considered. This month we will discuss some of the important factors to consider when faced with the buy or lease decision.

Topics:   Management, Finance


John Foltz
Christine Wilson



What to Expect from Government Payments for the 2003 Crop

October and November is a bustling time for producers in Indiana as harvest continues across the state. But, this time of year also marks a busy period for the local FSA office as government payments begin to come into focus for many producers. With the low corn prices there should...

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