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Precision Selling

June 2018

Farms are getting larger. While the rate of consolidation seems to have slowed slightly in recent years, the trend continues in almost every sector of farming. A larger share of all input purchases is made by fewer farmers, making each account increasingly important to suppliers.


Sales, Marketing and Liquidity

May 2018

For better or worse, marketing and sales efforts affect not only the profitability of a firm but also the firm’s liquidity, or its ability to meet short-term financial obligations.


Knowing Your Customer

April 2018

In the world of agribusiness, knowing your customer base is more important than ever – especially when your customer base includes the complex operations run by today’s large-scale commercial agricultural producers.


Building Your Sales Force

March 2018

How do you, as an agribusiness sales manager, make sure you have confidence in the players on your sales team?


Tackling Marketplace Changes

December 2017

As farmers face industry challenges and changing consumer preferences, so do the agricultural retailers who supply their inputs and services.


Producers' Purchasing Preferences

October 2017

In the “2017 Large Commercial Producer Project,” Purdue University asked farmers to rank product performance, price, and supplier relationship when purchasing crop inputs. The result: Most farmers have clear favorites.


Driscoll's: Harnessing Digital Technology to Deliver Delight

September 2017

In 2012, Driscoll's launched a farm-to-fork initiative known as the Delight Platform, which allowed consumers to provide feedback on each pack of berries purchased. Internally, Driscoll's depended on sensors, smart systems, data warehousing and smart analytics to ensure consumers consistently received great product. To take it further, they began to question what could be accomplished if they could use their technological advancements to connect the beginning of the chain to the end of the chain.


MightyVine: Root for your Local Tomato

September 2017

MightyVine produces glasshouse tomatoes for the Chicago market, a process that uses hydroponic technology and sustainability practices. This study examines the process involved in deciding the best location, designing facilities to optimize product yield in Chicago's variable climate, and the marketing and growth strategy to stay ahead of the competition.