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Read Between the Lines of Contract Farming Bill

April 2001

From Purdue News - Legislation protecting farmers from confusing grain and livestock contracts is being bandied about in Congress and state capitals across the country. While well-intentioned, the proposals may not help producers understand contracts and their implications, said Michael Boehlje, a Purdue University agricultural economist.


China: Future Customer or Competitor in Livestock Markets?

December 2000

From Purdue Agricultural Economics Report - China’s future role in international agricultural trade continues to be a puzzle. Part of this puzzle, namely that related to grains, has received far more attention than has livestock trade, which has been relatively neglected. China is a net exporter of livestock products, although...


Can I Repay? Managing Farm Debt Repayment Capacity

July 2000

From Purdue Agricultural Economics Report - Low prices have some farmers wondering whether they will be able to meet their needs for cash for family living and taxes, debt repayment, and reinvestment. Repayment problems can happen to the best of farmers, because they aren’t always the result of a lack...


Agricultural Biotechnology: What's All the Fuss About?

March 2000

From Purdue Agricultural Economics Report - Frankenfood or silver bullet? The current debate over agricultural biotechnology is raging in the news media, in agribusiness boardrooms, among consumer and environmental activist groups, among government officials and international trade negotiators, within the scientific community, and in rural communities across this nation.