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Teacher Becomes Student

March 2017

When Dr. Mike Gunderson picks up his dry-erase marker and heads to the whiteboard, he’s anticipating more than just sharing quantitative methods with 30 professionals seeking advanced degrees. He knows the students have plenty to teach him too.


Thirty Years and Counting

October 2016

We have officially been providing excellence in professional development and executive education for the last 30 years — and we have no intention of stopping here.


Purdue center offers online course for ag sales professionals

March 2016

A new online course from Purdue University's Center for Food and Agricultural Business will help sales managers and advanced salespeople better understand opportunities within their sales territories and maximize leadership and coaching skills.


Graduate Management Degrees: Deepening Perspective, Enhancing the Tool Kit

May 2005

From AgriMarketing Magazine - Anyone who reads the business press has seen articles criticizing graduate education in management, and more specifically Master of Business Administration (MBA) degrees. There are a variety of different arguments raised: you can’t build a leader in the classroom; graduates don’t understand the people side of...


Invest in Your Company's Human Capital

February 2004

From Feed and Grain Magazine - We live in a highly educated society in which most people consider knowledge empowering. In the feed and grain industry, managers value well-trained employees and many use opportunities for education as an incentive for their people. However, with the pace of change in today's...


Marketing Value-Added Crops - Not Just for Analysts Anymore

November 2003

From Seed and Crops Digest - Remember in school when agricultural marketing classes were all about futures and options, charting and standard deviations? While marketing in that sense is critical to production agriculture, a new set of marketing principles is becoming ever more important to producers.


EMBA in Food and Agribusiness Offers Flexibility

May 2002

From Purdue News - The number of female executives in the food and agricultural business industries has been on the rise in the past few years, with women now comprising nearly half of all management positions.