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What's Going On With The New NAFTA?

March 2019

NAFTA was the first trade deal to include intellectual property protections, but our innovative world demanded modernization of its provisions. USMCA strengthens protections for patents and trademarks in areas like biotechnology, financial services and domain names, as well as provides new provisions governing the expansion of digital trade and investments in innovative products and services. These modernizations provide greater protection for U.S. agribusinesses along the supply chain.


What Do Sales Managers Manage?

February 2019

The main takeaway is that developing employees is a necessary activity that leads to profits. But in practice, what do agribusinesses actually do to create satisfied employees who are responsible for managing profitable customer relationships?


We Asked; Producers Answered

September 2017

If you work directly with farmers, whether in agricultural inputs or outputs, you know that this is a unique and complex segment and that no two farming operations are the same.


Online Food Shopping: Peapod Finds a Path

September 2015

Andrew Parkinson, founder and president of Peapod, the online grocery company, did not have to convince Mike Brennan, Peapod’s Chief Operating Officer, that Peapod was poised for growth.


The Compressed Product Lifecycle… Challenges or Oppurtunities

January 2004

From Seed and Crops Digest - Marketing is a constantly changing, challenging endeavor as well as an awesome opportunity for seed companies. Thanks to extensive efforts and successes of research and development efforts by the seed industry, we’ve seen incredible changes in seed products and the industry as a whole...