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Performance Management in Agribusiness

February 2016

A review of the Performance Management in Agribusiness Survey and talent management topics from the 2015 National Conference for Agribusiness.

Human talent is one of the most important investments food and agribusiness firms make. As the industry continues to grow, the number of college graduates with expertise in food, agriculture, natural...


Academy to focus on management in seed industry

January 2016

Leadership techniques for the long-term success of seed companies will be at the forefront when the Purdue Center for Food and Agricultural Business hosts the 2016 American Seed Trade Association Management Academy March 7-11 in West Lafayette.


King’s Hawaiian: Managing the Supply of Aloha Spirit for Every Household, Every Day

September 2015

When avian influenza struck the farm of King's Hawaiian's egg supplier, CFO Steve Richards had to think through how the company would tackle the crisis. What people need to be involved? Who should be at the top of the call list? What were the implications for production? How would this impact the regional operations?


Strategy Paradox (Video)

April 2014

Allan Gray, director of the Center for Food and Agricultural Business at Purdue University, discusses Michael Raynor's The Strategy Paradox and how agribusiness managers can use scenario analysis to make better decisions.


Make Better Decisions

June 2013

From AgriMarketing Magazine - Identifying the right problem is essential for making the best decisions to correct it. From there, it's about generating alternatives, acknowledging potential traps, and avoiding exaggeration of cost.


A Cutting Crisis

May 2009

From AgriMarketing Magazine - Budget cuts, employee layoffs, salary reductions and the list goes on. Managers are facing tough decisions that can ultimately determine whether their companies survive the current economy. They’re scrutinizing every line item in their budgets, and when they reach marketing expenditures, it seems to be a...


You Get What You Pay For

April 2009

From Feed and Grain Magazine - Finding, hiring and keeping good people presents a challenge in any industry and the feed and grain industry is no different. In fact, due to the rural nature of the industry, many managers have even a more difficult time than businesses located in larger...


Bringing 'em Safely Onboard: Launching New Employees Successfully

October 2008

From Feed and Grain Magazine - It’s late on a Friday afternoon, tomorrow you have a day off scheduled (finally!). You kick back in your chair after receiving the phone call you had been hoping for — the new sales manager you have been recruiting just accepted your offer. Life...