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The Lease vs. Buy Decision

August 2007

From Feed and Grain Magazine - It’s time to replace an old truck or a large piece of grain handling equipment. Or, the office needs a new copier or computer equipment. How will you handle this decision? Will you take out a loan and buy the asset or will you...


Innovation, Creativity and Brainstorming

April 2007

From Feed and Grains Magazine - Have you ever been in a situation where somebody came up with what seemed to be a really weird idea, and then someone in the group said, “yeah, that’s kind of interesting, but if we added this change it would be awesome and useful.”...


Communicating in the Feed and Grain Business

February 2007

From Feed and Grain Magazine - Communication. Talking, listening, reading, writing . . . it all seems so simple. Yet we know how easily “wires can get crossed,” when we don’t listen to what somebody is saying (how many times has that caused arguments between you and your significant other),...


Finding Great Employees: Winning the Battle for Talent

January 2007

From Feedstuffs Magazine - Having great employees is central to the continued growth and success of most every grain elevator, feed mill and other grain and feed industry organization.