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Sales, Marketing and Liquidity

May 2018

For better or worse, marketing and sales efforts affect not only the profitability of a firm but also the firm’s liquidity, or its ability to meet short-term financial obligations.


Knowing Your Customer

April 2018

In the world of agribusiness, knowing your customer base is more important than ever – especially when your customer base includes the complex operations run by today’s large-scale commercial agricultural producers.


Glanbia Performance Nutrition

September 2017

This case lays out Glanbia’s decision to enter the sports nutrition
business; highlights the repeatable growth model it developed around its first acquisition,
Optimum Nutrition; and describes the scaling of this model through acquisition and
innovation. The case concludes by presenting the challenges and opportunities that faced
CEO Hugh McGuire as he sought to respond to the challenges and opportunities facing the business.


McDonald's All Day Breakfast Launch: The Strategic Value of McDonald's Supply Chain

September 2017

This case study is written in two parts at two different points in time. The first part, set in early July 2015, describes the decision by McDonald’s management to propose to its franchise owners the addition of All Day Breakfast to the menu options. The second part is a reflection on how the Supply Chain Management Team approached the task of readying the supply chain and the restaurants for this introduction.


MightyVine: Root for your Local Tomato

September 2017

MightyVine produces glasshouse tomatoes for the Chicago market, a process that uses hydroponic technology and sustainability practices. This study examines the process involved in deciding the best location, designing facilities to optimize product yield in Chicago's variable climate, and the marketing and growth strategy to stay ahead of the competition.


Determining Value for Your Customer

December 2016

Figuring out what your customers and prospects value is critical given the current environment of the agricultural economy.


Sharing what you stand for

June 2016

At their most basic, branding and sharing what your organization stands for are about figuring out how you want your organization as a whole to be viewed by the people in your target markets. The challenge many agribusinesses face is shifting what customers already believe about the company to what the company wants them to believe.


Academy to focus on management in seed industry

January 2016

Leadership techniques for the long-term success of seed companies will be at the forefront when the Purdue Center for Food and Agricultural Business hosts the 2016 American Seed Trade Association Management Academy March 7-11 in West Lafayette.