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Creating Innovative Service Strategies for Profit

October 2007

From AgriMarketing Magazine - In today’s highly-sophisticated, increasingly-consolidated agricultural inputs marketplace, more customers seem to be asking “what have you done for me lately?” — a discussion that can quickly head down the dead-end road of price comparisons.


Bigger Profits Through Targeted Sales

January 2007

From Feed and Grain Magazine - The title of this article is really stating the obvious — one way to increase your profits is through doing a better job with your sales. While this is true, it is important to realize that doing a better job with your sales involves...


Creating a Healthy Value Chain

May 2006

From Seed World Magazine - You might not expect the president of the North American operations of one of the world’s largest oilseed processors to suggest that a strong value chain is a key ingredient for any one sector’s profits, but that is exactly what Carl Hausmann, president and CEO...


Internet and e-Commerce Use by Agribusiness Firms: 2004

March 2006

From Journal of Agribusiness - In 2001, the bubble burst and U.S. e-commerce growth slowed. Slower e-commerce growth may signal changes in the use and perceptions of the Internet and e-commerce in agribusiness companies. Agribusiness firm managers were surveyed in 2004 to identify agribusiness use of the Internet and...


Taking a Fresh Look at Your Marketing Strategy

January 2006

From Feed and Grain Magazine - Most managers think of specific aspects of their marketing mix at crucial points in time, such as deciding when to roll out a new advertising campaign or when to announce price changes. But when was the last time that you looked at your overall...