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The Productivity-Water Dilemma: GROWMARK's Response

September 2017

Do modern production practices to enhance agricultural productivity come as the cost of environmental degradation? Modern agriculture's evironmental footprint has been a subject of concern among state and federal regulators in recent years. This study examines GROWMARK's part in the discussion and their continued efforts to minimize their footprint while still satisfying expanding food demands.


Farmers Need Not Know Farm Bill Inside and Out

March 2003

From Dealer and Applicator Magazine - Spring heralds the start of a new crop season in more ways than one. For the first time in seven years farmers will be producing food and fiber under a new federal Farm Bill.


The Changing Face of Agriculture

October 2002

From Dealer and Applicator Magazine - The agricultural industry continues to undergo many changes along the supply chain, from the producer to the end user. These changes include vertical coordination and consolidation, improved technology, and a general change in the traditional business model. To be prepared for these changes and...


2002 Farm Bill: Down on the Farm

September 2002

From Purdue Agricultural Economics Report - This article will help clarify some of the decisions that crop producers need to make to assure full benefit from this Farm Bill’s various support mechanisms.


Economist: Farm Bill Stretches Safety Net More Under US Ag

June 2002

From Purdue News - The new farm bill places a larger safety net under U.S. agriculture, but to land softly in its protective netting, farmers will have to negotiate around complex rules and payment formulas, said a Purdue University agricultural economist.


Purdue Expert: Farm Bill Likely to Grow in Cost, Curb Free Trade

June 2002

From Purdue News - The 2002 U.S. farm bill has the highest price tag ever, and the cost could grow as the bill moves producers further away from market-oriented agriculture and free trade, said a Purdue University agricultural economist.


Ag Economists: Farm Bill Amendment Raises Red Flags

March 2002

From Purdue News - Farm legislation passed by the U.S. Senate contains an amendment designed to slow the trend toward corporate farming. While intended to protect family farms, the proposal could mean less competition within agriculture and fewer choices for consumers, say Purdue University agricultural economists Ken Foster and Allan...


Ag Economists: Don’t Bet on Farm Bill Covering 2002 Crops

February 2002

From Purdue News - Farmers awaiting a new federal farm bill to cover their 2002 crops may be disappointed. Time literally is not on their side, say two Purdue University agricultural economists.