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Clear Reception

June 2005

From CropLife - My, what a difference a decade makes! Ten years ago, the crop production channel was abuzz with talk about new precision technologies being introduced into agriculture. Some felt precision technologies would revolutionize the industry. Some opined they were going to be a great tool for better fertility...


Building Long-term Relationships with Specialty Crop Producers

November 2004

From AgriMarketing Magazine - One of the major challenges for specialty grain buyers is developing long-term relationships with producers in which both parties understand each other’s needs. Production contracts are not new. They have been used since the 1920s, and contracting is now the norm for many specialty crops.



Technology and Agricultural Competitiveness: Brazil or Argentina vs. United States

November 2004

From AgriMarketing Magazine - Technology is a key element in agricultural competitiveness. The United States has long been a leader in technology adoption, but growers in Brazil and Argentina also have quickly adopted new technology.


Are Producers Always in Search of the Cheapest Price?

July 2004

From Feedstuffs Magazine - Price is always a sensitive issue in the agriculture markets. The general consensus seems to be that producers are always hunting for the lowest price. This places tremendous pressure on supplier margins. Yet, one has to wonder how producers really feel about prices. Do producers always...


Commercial Producer Attitudes Important for Sales Strategy

April 2004

From Feedstuffs Magazine - Most would describe the relationship between input supplier and commercial producer as “business to business.”