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Rocky Ford Cantaloupe: The Challenge of Sweet Success

September 2015

In late August of 2011, a group of proud, dedicated, and heretofore successful produce growers from a small valley in Colorado experienced their worst nightmare.


Ag Outlook: Good News, Bad News

November 2008

From CropLife - A Purdue University expert says if you’ve already purchased a portion of your inventory, such as fertilizer, you’ll face some losses this year. But there’s positive news, too.


Customer-Driven Marketing Strategies for Different Segments of Ag Borrowers, Pt 3

July 2006

From Ag Lender Magazine - Background: In our May issue, the first article in this series introduced a new way to segment a lender’s customer base by household income, wealth and other characteristics. Six groups or “segments” that comprise the U.S. Farm Household Typology were identified: Single Income Ruralpolitan (SIR),...


The Search for an Optimal Capital Structure

July 2005

From Seed World Magazine - You’re looking over your income statement and come to the interest expense entry … you immediately know that money goes straight to the bank, never having an opportunity to hit the bottom line. You wonder if it is wise to carry debt on the balance...


Putting the Rick Scorecard to Work for Your Company

January 2005

From Seed World Magazine - Previous risk management articles discussed the taxonomy of risks faced by agribusinesses, a method for categorizing and assessing these risks via a scorecard, and how a firm should determine which risks are the most threatening to its financial well-being. Here we will present real options...


Bringing Value to Scorecarding

November 2004

From Seed World Magazine - Addressing risks of an agribusiness through a strategy that mitigates downside risks and effectively manages upside risks is necessary for success in today's competitive environment. Our previous two columns on risk management outlined a risk scorecard that classifies qualitative risk into six categories. This article...