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How Sales and Marketing Relate

July 2011

From AgriMarketing Magazine - Many agribusinesses are struggling with this relationship right now. Consolidation has meant that many organizations who were built on sales are now recognizing that being market driven provides more opportunities than being sales driven.


Build-A-Salesperson Coming Soon to a Mall Near You

July 2009

From AgriMarketing Magazine - My niece loves the Build-ABearWorkshop in our mall. Instead of picking any old stuffed animal off the shelf at Toys “R” Us, she can handpick the look and feel of her furry friend, decide whether it’s a boy or girl and even determine its occupation by...


Balance Needs, Values and Innovation to Make Sales

January 2009

From AgriMarketing Magazine - It used to be pretty easy for agrimarketers to describe customers based on their distinct buying preferences. Some were price buyers. Others just wanted convenience. And, a few made decisions based only on performance or service.


A Sketch of Today's Seed Buyer

December 2008

From Seed World Magazine - They're loyal to specific seed brands. They value multiple product and service factors. They make purchase decisions with little input from others. They don't shop for the lowest price. They want stronger relationships with seed companies.


Selling Large Farmers: It's Darned Hard Work

November 2008

From AgriMarketing Magazine - There is little question that large farmers are different. Different from what they used to be. Different from other market segments. And different from each other. Anational study of more than 2,500 large commercial producers just released by the Center for Food and Agricultural Business at...


Quality - How to Keep it Everyone's Job

June 2008

From Feed and Grain Magazine - Quality — we talk about it lots. Customers are concerned about it — grain farmers that deliver grain to your elevator – where their grain is graded by quality; or livestock farmers that purchase feed from you in the feed business — where they...


Re-Thinking Service Strategies to Drive Profit

February 2008

From Seed World Magazine - During periods of rising prices and shrinking profit margins, one of the first things placed on the chopping block is often the “extras” that get bundled into a sales offer. According to a recent gathering of academic experts and leading business practitioners, the value-added services...