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What Big Growers Want

October 2008

From CropLife - In early 2008, about 2,500 mid-size and commercial producers completed a questionnaire that explored how their farm business is changing and what they want from their agricultural input suppliers. The survey concentrates on mid-size, commercial, and large growers. Researchers at the Center are evaluating the 2008 survey data and discovering important findings with significance for input dealers.


Allan Gray
Mike Boehlje
Maud Roucan-Kane



Large Farmers: A Different Segment

From AgriMarketing Magazine - Ernest Hemingway once told F. Scott Fitzgerald, “The rich are different—they have more money!” Perhaps agri-marketers today would say that the same is true of large farmers. The large are different; they have more acres, more head of cattle, or more hogs on feed, etc. In...

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