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What is the Economic Impact from Foot and Mouth Disease, and What Should We Do About It?

May 2001

From Purdue Agricultural Economics Report - We face a serious challenge in the prevention and control of Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD). FMD could be devastating to our livestock and dairy producers in two ways. First, the disease reduces the productivity of livestock and dairy as well as requiring the destruction of infected and exposed animals to control it. Second, the public confuses FMD with mad cow disease which can be dangerous to humans where FMD is not. This then reduces consumer demand for meat and dairy products. In addition, there are large indirect impacts that are negative.


Otto Doering
Ken Foster
Chris Hurt
James Pritchett


Purdue Agricultural Economics Report

Research Report: 'And the Survey Says'

From AgriMarketing Magazine - Early tabulations of the Commercial Producer project by Purdue University/Top Producer are revealing some pertinent information for agrimarketers. This year, some 2,300 large, commercial producers from across the United States completed a questionnaire exploring how their farm business is changing and what they want from their...

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