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Will the Good Times Last? (2)

June 2008

From AgriMarketing Magazine - There’s an ongoing debate within production agriculture. Most people agree that the industry is experiencing some of the best times in recent years; however, they question and disagree on whether the current trend is sustainable. Coming to a consensus on when change will occur is difficult, but assessing the supply and demand forces shaping the situation will provide some insight. In our first column, we described how three forces—ethanol and energy, the exchange rate and global production—are affecting the industry. The final two forces—food and fuel, along with weather and wheat—add further implications for continuing strong prices and incomes for the next three to five years.


Maud Roucan-Kane
Mike Boehlje


AgriMarketing Magazine

What Big Growers Want

From CropLife - In early 2008, about 2,500 mid-size and commercial producers completed a questionnaire that explored how their farm business is changing and what they want from their agricultural input suppliers. The survey concentrates on mid-size, commercial, and large growers. Researchers at the Center are evaluating the 2008 survey...

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