What our Leaders are Saying About CRM in 2002

From Strategic Customer Relationship Management - The current economic situation has forced businesses to be more cautious. A focused approach to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is even more important than in the past, as is the value of retaining core customers. In times such as the present, value-focused companies are often put in a difficult position, competing with other players in the market who discount to acquire the volume they need. And customers feel that businesses aren’t doing as well. So they might expect more flexibility in terms of price, particularly when they have the option to go elsewhere.


Modern Chinese Management and Agribusiness

China is one of the most major food producers and consumers in the world. More and more western agribusinesses are forming alliances and partnerships with Chinese companies, and mergers and acquisitions are taking place. Well-known Chinese companies such as the retail giant Alibaba is involved in agriculture, working in the supply chain of fruits and vegetables. Many input manufacturers such as chemical and seed suppliers are based in China and are increasing their footprint in the western ag world. Additionally, important commodity traders such as COFCO are based in China. China, after the U.S., is the second largest investor in ag techs with $2.7 billion in investments in 2022, targeting mainly biotechnology and bioenergy, according to AgFunders.

How Farmers Interact with Digitization of the Agricultural Value Chain

This article examines different market segments of the crop protection market and how that is associated with the multiple market channels that can be used to reach the farmer customer. Once segments were formed, the authors then analyzed how each segment chose to interact with the digital environment. Previous research has shown adoption of the e-commerce channel has been low; however, there is an increasing willingness amongst farmers to explore digital solutions. There is also a high degree of heterogeneity amongst farmers in their desire to engage with these digital solutions.