What our Leaders are Saying About CRM in 2002

From Strategic Customer Relationship Management - The current economic situation has forced businesses to be more cautious. A focused approach to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is even more important than in the past, as is the value of retaining core customers. In times such as the present, value-focused companies are often put in a difficult position, competing with other players in the market who discount to acquire the volume they need. And customers feel that businesses aren’t doing as well. So they might expect more flexibility in terms of price, particularly when they have the option to go elsewhere.


Competitive Advantage by Learning

Agribusiness managers and directors must create a culture where people are incentivized to cultivate these traits. Decision-makers must also provide examples illustrating the value of ongoing learning for their companies, accepting learning curves and embracing the new while maintaining a firm grasp on what brought them to where they are today.

Deciphering Online Shopping Behaviors of Generations Y and Z

While there are some similarities between Y and Z generational customers, they also have major distinctive online shopping behaviors. Organizations that want to serve these generations need to develop more effective marketing strategies to serve both the cohorts based on their unique characteristics and distinct behaviors. It’s important to remember that for many agribusinesses, the issue isn’t SELLING online it is helping their buyers SHOP online.