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With you in mind, the center creates and delivers management education programs that combine research with real-world application specifically for the food and agribusiness industries.


Our vision, mission and core values drive everything we do. When you need agribusiness management education or research, we want you to choose us because it’s what we’re passionate about.

The Center for Food and Agricultural Business at Purdue University is the partner of choice for professional development experiences, advanced degree programs and applied research for the agribusiness industry. We achieve this when the industry and academic community view the center as the most relevant, innovative and impactful public provider of agribusiness management education and applied research opportunities.

The center supports Purdue’s mission by helping people in the food and agribusiness industries improve their management competencies to take on the challenges and opportunities of a dynamic and complex agri-food system. We provide innovative and relevant professional development experiences, advanced degree programs, and applied research to the industry. We ensure utmost relevance through deep linkages with industry, world-class faculty and a professional staff with unmatched research, design, development and delivery capabilities. 

We Offer

We know that to best serve your customer, you must be competitive and on the cutting edge. At the center, we know the industry you work in, and what you will need to get ahead in your career. That’s why we can provide custom, flexible solutions to give you the results you want.

Learn a key agribusiness management topic or gain a general business overview at one of our seminars. We offer both online and in-person programs.

Develop an agribusiness management program specifically for your company. Work with our experienced, diverse team to design, develop and deliver your program.

Take your career to the next level by earning two master’s degrees in the time it would take to typically earn one. This online program is tailored for working professionals in the food and agribusiness industries.

Partner with our team of researchers to explore a specific issue at your agribusiness. Findings from our research team’s work has implications for companies in all sectors of the food and agriculture industry.

Our Core Values

Faculty And Staff

Our faculty and instructors are full of agribusiness experts, many of which are tenured professors in the Purdue University Department of Agricultural Economics. Our experts partner with the Center’s staff to design, develop and deliver the best educational opportunities for agribusiness professionals.


In 1986, Professor Dave Downey approached Purdue’s Department of Agricultural Economics about establishing a center that would directly serve the educational needs of agribusiness professionals. The Center for Food and Agricultural Business was born. Through our management education programs, we have served more than 15,000 food and agribusiness managers from around the world.

Our history is also greatly influenced by Purdue University. Founded in 1869 as part of the Morrill Land Grant Act, Purdue University is located in West Lafayette, Ind. It is one of the nation’s leading research institutions. The Purdue College of Agriculture is known as a leader in agricultural education and was ranked No. 6 among agricultural institutions across the globe.

Purdue established its Department of Agricultural Economics in 1920. Its faculty members are world-renowned for their research in all areas of economics. In 2009, the department was ranked No. 9 by IDEAS (Internet Documents in Economics Access Service), the world’s largest bibliographic database dedicated to economics

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