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To Apply

Below are several critical elements that you must include with your application for admission into the Purdue-Kelley MS-MBA in Food and Agribusiness Management program.


It is recommended that applicants contact the program manager before starting the application process.

The program requires only one application, which is submitted to the MS-MBA program manager. After application materials have been collected by the program manager, they are reviewed by a Purdue University Agricultural Economics committee. If approved, the application is sent to the Purdue Graduate School and the Kelley Direct admissions committee. This process can take up to four weeks. The GMAT or GRE does not have to be completed before beginning the application.


The MS-MBA begins once a year in mid-August. It is suggested that all materials be submitted by late Spring 2024, with a deadline of July 12, 2024. International applicants should apply as soon as possible due to Kelley School of Business and graduate school deadlines.

For more information, contact Taryn Nance, program manager.

Applications will not be processed until a non-refundable application fee has been paid. The Purdue Graduate School application fee is $60 (U.S. dollars) for domestic applicants and $75 (U.S. dollars) for international applicants. 

Completing The Application

The application does not have to be completed in one sitting—you will be able to come and go from the application with a user name and password.
In order to complete the Purdue Graduate application, it is critical that you follow these steps:

Residency left side navigation link

  • Select No, as the tuition rate is the same regardless of in-state, out-of-state or international student.

Campus and Program left side navigation link

  • Select West Lafayette (Main Campus)
  • Select Agricultural Economics as your proposed graduate major (PWL)

Program Details to First Choice Program Details

  • Select Food and Agribusiness Mgmt as your area of interest
  • Select Master of Science as your degree objective
  • Select Hybrid 
  • Select your entry term and year: Fall 20XX

Education Background left side navigation link

  • Applicants do not need to upload transcripts
  • Undergraduate GPA should be very close to the actual number. For example, a GPA of 2.58 may round to 2.6 but not 3.0.
  • Class rank not needed

Additional Information left side navigation link

  • Faculty with whom you would like to study – leave blank
  • Check “No, I am self-funded” for both questions under Funding

Add Personal History Statement left side navigation link

  • Add your professional story — who you are, where you have been and why you’re interested in the program. There is no page or word limit.

Academic Statement of Purpose left side navigation link

  • Upload your Personal History Statement in this section as well.

Test Scores left side navigation link

  • Pull down the test(s) type and add test date(s)

Resume left side navigation link

  • A resume upload is required for the MS-MBA application.

Within the application, you are asked to provide the names and contact information for three (3) recommenders. These are professional references, not character references, and if possible, one should be your direct supervisor.

Once you have submitted the recommenders contact information, they’ll immediately receive an email link from the Purdue Graduate School with a link specific to their recommendation. For this reason, it is critical to give recommenders notice, as some have missed the email due to spam filters.

Recommenders are asked to answer 10 questions and upload a letter of recommendation.

For the MS-MBA program, the Personal History Statement is your professional story – who you are, where you’ve been professionally and why this program. Provide one to two pages at the most (there isn’t a word count minimum or maximum).

Taryn Nance is happy to review your Personal History Statement prior to uploading

Applicants are required to submit a GRE or GMAT score; however, the requirement may be waived if you have earned an advanced degree. The application review committee doesn’t view one test in a higher light than the other.

GRE test results should be sent to Purdue University (Institutional Code 1631) and Indiana University (Institutional Code 1324).

If taking the GMAT, on test day, please select Purdue University – Indiana University – MS/MBA in Food Agribusiness Management as the score recipient.

Applicants must submit official transcripts showing receipt of a bachelor’s degree, listing the courses and grades associated with the degree. Hard copy or e-transcripts are acceptable. Please use this Transcript Request Form if having hard copy transcripts sent. E-transcripts must be sent directly from the university – one (1) should be emailed to (Michelle Goodin) and one (1) to (Amanda Thacker).

Purdue cannot forward your application information until you download and complete the Release of Information Statement.


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